Secure Power of Attorney Ordering Directions

Directions for ordering M-DOR-5086, new Secure Power of Attorney

Form information:
This full-page Secure Power of Attorney is sold in packages of 25 for $4.50 per package for Paying members plus shipping and handling or $9.00 per package for Web members plus shipping and handling. The form is 2-part carbonless security paper, with a perforated tab at the top of the page.

MADA Members:
Form M-DOR-5086 can be ordered the same way as any other catalog item. Login to your account and search by form number or form name, or look in the Office category. Enter the number of packages you wish to order and follow the normal checkout procedures.

Non-Members of MADA:
To order the MO Department of Revenue’s new Secure Power of Attorney, form M-DOR-5086, you will need to either call 1-800-776-6232 (MO only – others call 573-761-1020), fax your order and credit card information to 573-634-7033 (see link for order blank at bottom of page), mail an order and check to the address at bottom of page, or use the instructions below for our online catalog. Non-members of MADA must either prepay (check or credit card – Mastercard or Visa only) or choose C.O.D. (extra charge from UPS of $11.00 per order for C.O.D.). Orders for this POA will be sent by UPS. MADA also has the option to pay by electronic check (by entering your bank’s routing number and your account number).

To enter MADA’s online catalog you will need to create an account. Return to the main page and click Register Now. Fill out the information as required for the primary contact person at your business. For Membership Type choose Web Only Member – Free. You will not have a MADA Member number unless you have ordered from MADA before (non-member numbers are similar to N0123) but you can enter your D-Tag number, if you have one. Click on Submit when finished. If there are no errors you will receive a “Thank you” page. Click the link to login or return to the original page and try your username and password. It may take a few minutes for the server to update; if it doesn’t work yet, try again in a couple minutes.

When you login to the catalog you should get a “Welcome” page. The left side of the page will list our forms categories and the top of the page has tabs for other functions. You can create additional users for your business by clicking on Customer Service and then My Account. Feel free to browse our catalog for other items for your dealership by using the categories at the left or the search box near the top left.

Ordering & Payment
To go directly to the new Secure Power of Attorney, enter either M-DOR-5086 or Power of Attorney in the search box and click the Go button. Click the Details link when the search results display, enter the number of packages (25 forms per package) for the Order Quantity, and click Add to Cart. You will get a page showing your Cart items. If you are finished shopping, click Checkout. The next screen will show your billing and shipping information. You will need to either enter shipping information or check the box if the shipping address is the same as the billing address. Click Purchase by Credit Card at the bottom to go to the payment screen. Online orders from non-members at this time must be either by credit card or C.O.D., so choose one of those options next to Payment Options. Orders are normally shipped by UPS and they charge $11.00 for C.O.D. orders. The order total on the screen will show $7.50 for shipping and handling; however, if the only item ordered is the Secure Power of Attorney, you will be billed for the shipping cost $7.50 more or less depending on how many you order! Sales tax and C.O.D. charge, if required, will also be charged. After entering your payment information, click Purchase at the bottom of the screen. You will get a confirmation screen that you can print for your records and you should receive a confirmation email.

Any questions on ordering this form, call 1-800-776-6232 or 573-761-1020.

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